5 Best Small-Dog and Cat Products

*Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. I am not being insentivized or rewarded in any way by writing about these products. This is not an ad for any product and is just my personal opinion.

As much as I love writing about travel (see my previous posts), my love for my furbabies is greater than my love for travel, so I’m going to shift gears and share with you some of my absolute favourite pet-parent must-have’s.

I currently share my life with my dog Tia (she’s an 8 year old Deerhead Chihuahua-Mix) and my cat Tabasco (or Tabi, who’s a 9 year old Persian)….plus my sister’s furbabies (two Shih Poos, a Great Dane puppy, and a kitten).

Yes, I know, Tabi looks grumpy….but he’s not, that’s just how his face is LOL


Tia’s short-haired, and even though she’s been on raw food for about six years now, plus I add Omega-3 oil, and most recently a Phyto supplement to her food, she still sheds like crazy, all year-round, it’s not seasonal. Tia sheds more than Tabi, Happy, Joy, Maximum and Monster all put together.

(by the way, if anyone knows of a sure-fire way to reduce her shedding, please let me know in the Comments below!)

I’ve had furbabies all my life, but since COVID and my subsequent lay-off (I’m a senior travel consultant), I’ve spent more time with my two furbabes than I have with all the others I’ve shared my life with, all put together. We’re together almost 24/7 (I HAVE been leaving Tia with the rest of the gang whilst I go run errands as I don’t want her to have separation anxiety down the line….and I’ve left Tabi overnight–with plenty of food and fresh water), and I’ve loved every single moment I’ve had with the furbabes, but I hate the shedding, so I found the perfect tool to deal with it. Which brings us to today’s topic…..5 Best Dog and Cat Products:

The Pet Wedge.

I’ve tried all sorts of gadgets and ideas in the past, from that red veloury thing that was popular in the 70’s, to lint rollers, to packing tape, to wet rubber gloves and each has its draw-back (ineffective, bad for the environment, gross to clean) so when I stumbled upon the Pet Wedge at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I was cautiously optimistic.

I’ve been using the Pet Wedge now for about six months and love it! Tia’s hair is soft but coarse and sticks to almost every type of fabric. The Pet Wedge gets it out with hardly any effort at all.

Here’s the description from the Bed, Bath and Beyond website:

“Great for your home, boat, RV, and even your clothes, the innovative Giant Pet Wedge Hair Removers give pet owners the edge they need to keep their carpets, upholstery, pet beds, car interiors, and many other hard-to-reach places pet hair-free.

  • Innovative design instantly removes unwanted pet hair and other debris from the tightest places
  • Proprietary wedge shape and coating makes it easy to reach seemingly unreachable areas
  • Foam construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Each measures 3.5″ L x 5″ W x 6″ H
  • Made in USA”

Safari’s Shed Magic tool.

I’ve had this tool for about three years now and can’t say enough good about it.

Tabi came into my life when he was two years old. He’d been bounced around and I am his fifth “owner” (you can’t really say you OWN a cat, they aren’t a THING after all, they’re a sentient being), it took a while for him to learn that I wasn’t giving up on him….so by the time we got to him trusting me enough to brush him, his coat was badly matted.

I’ve had long-haired cats before and have never had the issue that I’ve noticed Tabi has. It’s almost as if his saliva causes his hair to clot. No sooner have I gotten one clot out that another forms.

He would tolerate brushings only for a very short time and then he’d bite me try to bite me, so every year, I’d have to take him to the vet, where they would do blood work, sedate him, shave him, and give him the “lion cut”. Not only was this hard on Tabi (he gets stressed in his cat carrier), it was time consuming and also very costly.

So when I found out about this tool, I was, again, cautiously optimistic. As it turns out, this $42 tool was the best pet investment!! It works well and quickly, so I don’t have to worry about Tabi getting frustrated with a long “brushing”.

As you can see in the photos above, this tool isn’t really a brush….it’s more like a small claw that gently, but effectively, draws the undercoat hair out without pulling, and sort of shaves it at the same time. It’s hard to describe, but it really works and I’ve not had to have Tabi shaved for the past three years or so.

SmartCat cat litter.

a must-have if you’re a cat guardian

This product was recommended to me and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve tried so many brands of traditional cat litter, with varying degrees of effectiveness, so when I heard about Smart Cat cat litter, I was willing to give it a shot. WOW! What a difference!

I get the 10 lb bag from Amazon for about $23 CAD (as a Prime member, I have free shipping).

What I like about this product (details taken from their website, edited here for time and space):

“Our litter is made from 100% USA farmed grass, with no added fragrances and will biodegrade after disposal as a renewable resource; very soft on paws and can be used for younger cats.

SmartCat All Natural Litter clumps on contact and will continue to harden until all urine is absorbed. Clumps can easily be scooped within minutes of cat’s elimination.

SmartCat All Natural Litter is more than 99% dust free. With no dusty residue, the chance of litter related respiratory issues is greatly reduced.

SmartCat All Natural Litter has no added perfumes.

Can Smart Cat All Natural Litter really out clump clay litters? Yes! It clumps so fast and hard that odors don’t even have a chance to escape.

Light in weight, but strong in performance.”

One word of advice: because it IS so light in weight, it does get tracked more than clay litter, so I recommend getting a cat litter mat.

Phyto Synergy from Adored Beast Apothecary.


Tia’s eight years old as I said earlier, but I wish I’d have known about this product sooner. I just recently (about two weeks ago) started giving this to Tia. I was worried that she might not like the taste of it (it’s quite pungent) because she’s very selective of what she eats, but she devours her food even though it smells so strong of the sea.

What I love about this product (again, sharing info as from Adored Beast Apothecary, edited for time and space):

“Phyto Synergy 100% pure marine phytoplankton…..when you incorporate it as part of your animal’s daily food you’re supporting their entire body, overall health, and longevity.

Phyto Synergy contains an amazing amount of Superoxide Dismutase, one of the most powerful antioxidants we know of. It can really assist the body in repairing oxidative stress, promoting healthy cell growth and, something VERY important that is often overlooked: programmed cell death.

…. our bodies and our pet’s bodies are dealing with so much damage from heavy metals, synthetic nutrients, preservative, pesticides, over-vaccinations, mineral depletion, etc, that they’re no longer functioning optimally and Phyto Synergy can help.

Phytoplankton is foundational nutrition, a complete “food”, it’s what’s fed life in the ocean for millions of years. It’s created in such a way that it’s perfectly balanced to support life. It contains every known mineral in it, everything that’s needed to support life is present in marine phytoplankton. It contains the essential fatty acids, all amino acids and is a complete protein source.”

Another reason I love the product…well, the company really….I just went on their website a few minutes ago to get the full details of the Phyto product to and they have an online chat system. I was communicating with Kaitlan, and she was super-helpful! So, great customer service in addition to a great product, is for sure deserving of 10/10.

I live in Waterloo, Ontario, so I get this Phyto product from Paws Evolution, where they too provide excellent service and sell only the best products:


The last product I’m recommending is a recent purchase. I ordered mine because my sister purchased one of these about a month or so ago, she put my little Tia in it, and they looked so cute that I just had to get one for myself.

Tia loves her Teta (Croatian, for Aunty)

Fifth and final product is this cozy and comfy hoodie from Muskoka Pooch.

Tia is long-legged for a Chihuahua, so it’s a bit tricky getting her tucked in, but once she’s in, she’s very comfortable. If you’re the guardian of a short-legged breed of dog (or other small animal such as a bunny, hamster, ferret etc) I would recommend you invest in this hoodie.

I love going for long walks, and Tia’s a little trooper, she can often go for about two hours, but she lets me know when she wants to be carried (she stops, turns her body side-ways and lifts her left paw up) so this hoodie is the perfect solution.

Because Tia’s weighs about 11 or 12 lbs, once she’s in the “joey-pocket” as I call it, I do keep my arms around her, not only to keep her weight more evenly distributed, but also to make sure she feels safe and secure.

I’d like to add here too….their Customer Service is great. There was a delay with shipping (not their fault) so I brought it to Muskoka Pooch’s attention (not to complain, simply to let them know) and they were very quick to respond, were empathetic and understanding.

Check them out at https://muskokapooch.com

And there you have it, 5 Best Small-Dog and Cat Products. As I said, I’m not being paid or rewarded by any of these companies for sharing this information with you; I’m simply sharing my opinion on these great products in the hopes that it will help you and enhance your pet guardianship experiences.

Feel free to share in the Comments section which small dog or cat product you use and love the most, I’d be very interested to learn about it.

Thanks for giving me about fiveish minutes of your day today! I hope you found some value here and hope that you’ll Subscribe for future posts!

****** If you’re in the Kitchener-Waterloo/Cambridge/Guelph area, and feel that you need help with your dog, please go to my sister’s website as she’s a “positive dog trainer”: https://my-girl-friday.ca/


  1. I love my Muskoka Pooch hoodie, the kitty litter for Monster is the best (thank you for the recommendation!!) and I’m not using the stuff from Adored Beast (yet) but I have used their other products (including their Jump for JOYnts). My dogs love their products and I love that it makes my fur babies stronger and healthier!
    And thanks for the plug! 😁 There are lots of trainers out there so every little bit helps! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to book a Free Fifteen Minute Quick Consult so we can chat more about my training methods and your needs.


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